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BOSTANTEN outlet / BOSTANTEN hobo bags

Hobo Handbag for Women Large Purses and Handbags with Studs and Crossbody Strap

$ 31.99 $22.39
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About this item

CARRY PURSE: Suitable for both right and left-handed users. It can be used as a shoulder bag for everyday use and you can convert it as a Crossbody bag. (NO HOLSTER INCLUDED).
SIMPLICITY WORKS THE BEST: This Montana West hobo handbag is made of vegan leather, offers a simple approach to fashionable accents while maintaining protection.
FOR EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE: Fits in all occasions: working totes, shopping bags, laptop bag, weekender bags, overnight bags, and also perfect for Moms who need a bag that's big enough to carry all the baby stuff.
SPACIOUS WOMENS HANDBAG: Large enough to hold your everyday necessities. With a center zipper pocket/divider, you can keep all of your items tidy and organized. There are 2 open pockets and a zippered pocket.
NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are confident that you will enjoy our purses and handbags. If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact us and we will gladly assist you. We provide a 90-day warranty. ★Perfect gift for girlfriend, mother, daughter and female friends!

manufacturerMontana West Inc
item_model_numberHobo bag
product_dimensions11 x 1.9 x 12.9 inches; 1.59 Pounds
date_first_availableDecember 21, 2019

  • Cathy Tomlinson

    The finishing work is great. I'm extremely happy

  • Tamara A Parks

    Bag is large and constructed well.Beautiful color, manycompliments and inquiries about about purchase.

  • Jkwventures

    The purse is great. Love all the pockets to keep stuff organized. Not real leather but very soft. Hopefully it lasts for awhile.

  • gb1701

    Like a lot of women I'd wager, one of the wife's chief complaints when it comes to female clothing (besides the same size in one brand being totally different in another) is the lack of pockets. While this is not to say she doesn't enjoy carting around feminine items, like say a purse, but just that she sometimes envies the option us guys have of always having our stuff on hand and never having to worry about being separated from it and she can't help telling me so. Frequently.Of course, as I like to remind her in the pockets vs. bag debate, she has the advantage of being able to tote around more items, which could include everything but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, I have the feeling she has taking me too literally and perhaps the kitchen sink might actually have been in her previous purse. So thus, knowing she needed a bigger purse and wanting to keep her happy or at least prevent her from surprising me by pulling a rabbit out of the previous one, I figured I'd gift her a bigger, better bag for her birthday.I decided it not only had to be larger than her current one but given our state has recently become constitutional carry, I wanted her to have the ability to protect herself in addition to hauling more stuff than a pack mule. I settled on the Montana West Hobo Bag both for the seemingly adequate volume, and it being advertised as a concealed carry purse (more on that in a moment). Another factor in my decision was, unlike most other brands I looked at, it was available in her favorite color of girly-girl pink. Since our home sometimes looked like Barbie Land long before the movie came out, I knew she would appreciate it for this aspect alone and it would coordinate well with many of her outfits.As to the pros: It is definitely roomier than her previous purse and can hold a lot of stuff, consisting of a large inner void with three separate pockets (two with zippers) inside, an outer zippered pocket on the back and a cavernous space between those two areas with a zipper at either end that is supposed to be for concealed carry and is anything but. The material is fairly attractive looking and seems durable. I haven't noticed any workmanship or damage issues like some have claimed in the reviews, but of course time and use will tell.For the cons, there is only really one and that is in the aforementioned faux concealed carry design and just the fact it is advertised as being designed to easily store and able to access something like a firearm is somewhat disingenuous to put it mildly. In short, while it could theoretically be used to carry a firearm, so could any generic purse and any advantages this one has over those others is very mild.The most glaring issue is the area advertised for it is actually too big and combined with the lack of an internal holster having to quickly access a defensive weapon, particularly when under stress, by having to dig deep down into it is very inefficient. Add to the fact without a holster attached to the wall of the pocket even a full-size pistol risks getting turned around every which way and in a precarious position to access should the need arise. Her small .38 snubby gets practically lost in the “concealed carry” pocket (see photo). Unless you are planning to tote around an Uzi or Mac 10 for defense, this pocket would best be served to carry a computer tablet or perhaps a few paperback books instead and is of a generous enough size for either one. I do plan at a later date to perhaps Velcro a holster inside so she can still somewhat make it work, but such modifications shouldn't be necessary I feel since being advertised as “concealed carry”, it should be usable in its default state.Overall, she is happy with it due to the large volume as well as the color and design. On that last point alone, she has already gotten several positive admirations from other women on it and again highlights the gender differences when it comes to the pockets vs. bag debate since I've never had other guys tell me they really like my pockets and ask where I got them from. So, while I guess as long as she likes it then I know I made the right decision, but still due to my dissatisfaction with it NOT being a concealed carry purse, precludes me from giving it five stars and only due to her satisfaction do I even give it four. In short, it is a quality general purpose purse for carrying anything but a firearm. But as a concealed carry purse, not so much.

  • Little Nancy

    I like that it's leather, also great size. Color is good, & I like the pockets.

  • Jennifer Ann Holgerson-Weinstein

    My favorite! The different colors are so rich and beautiful!

  • Robin Bickford

    I'm not sure what is going on in the warehouses, but this is the 2nd bag I've ordered from Amazon that has arrived smelling foul! I sent the first one back immediately. This one is beautifully made & I really like it, so I'll try to let it air out. Both bags arrived with an atrocious fishy smell throughout the inside of the purse. Not sure what the problem is, but they need to solve it!So yes the purse is beautiful & very well made. Absolutely worth the buy, just be aware there may be an odor issue!!!!

  • N. Douglass

    I'm 5'3" and got the Coffee one. Took off the extra shoulder/cross-body strap, not needed (for me). It's a great bag for short, average, or tall women. I am hard on purses and this one has been my go-to for a month now. It has room for everything I need including encased tablet, wallet, beauty things, with room to spare but it's not like lugging a suitcase, Price is a big plus. It has good pockets and enough style to be hip for day to day. One photo gives an idea of the proportion of the bag as you wear it. Works for travel; just keep a small evening cross-body on hand for going out at night.

  • MB NYC

    Like the Montana west bags. Have several and all are great. They hold a lot! Made well and like the vegan "leather" ... more lightweight.

  • Kindle Customer

    Large roomy bag that is great for using at open markets. The wallet comes with detachable shoulder strap.