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Triple Zip Small Crossbody Bag for Women - 8x6 inch Convertible Fanny Pack Belt Bag - Lightweight Water-resistant

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About this item

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Thanks to a removable 52” adjustable strap, Baggallini’s Triple Zip bag functions as a crossbody, wallet bag, or waist pack. It’s great for travel as well as everyday use
INTERIOR ORGANIZATION: This durable travel bag features six credit card slots, multiple zippered pockets, and a quick access phone pocket that keep your most-used essentials protected and ready to go.
MACHINE WASHABLE: No worry if you get this bag dirty or want it to look brand new. To wash, remove wristlet, place in a washing bag or pillow case, and wash in warm water with mild detergent. Stuff pockets to maintain shape while airdrying.
CONVERTS TO A BELT BAG: This bag is as stylish as it is practical with subtle belt loops on the back that allow the bag to be secured to a belt.
LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATER RESISTANT: Our water-resistant crossbody travel bag weighs just 8 ounces and measures 6” tall, 8” wide, and 2” deep which is ideal for all day on the go

item_weight8 Ounces
date_first_availableJuly 28, 2009

  • LB

    I love this crossbody, especially at the amazing price offered during Black Friday. It's sturdy, has lots of storage, and is adaptable (purse to no-hands fanny pack). It fits everything I need and is lightweight. One of my favorite features is the ability to add my own thick, stylish strap. It will last a long time!

  • Gail Ann Pippin

    After buying me/us the wonderful gift of an electric wheelchair (I say 'us' because he will no longer need to push me in my manual wheelchair, which is a boon to his bad back and knees), my husband suggested that I find and purchase a crossbody bag as I will have no way to carry my suitcase...er, my large purse, plusxthe bags that hang off a wheelchairs arms don't seem particularly sturdy or secure.After MUCH research and reading of reviews, I decided on this product.It will be able to hold my essentials - driver's license, medical cards, credit cards, key to our home, inhaler, cash, cigarettes and lighter (don't judge!), and a few other items.We're going to rig a backpack to the back of my chair to carry purchases when we go to fairs.Seems perfect for the job!ADDENDUM: I was right to give this 5 stars right out of the gate.It holds exactly what I need - no extras - and allows me to be organized.Examples: cash in one pocket, cigarettes, lighter, inhaler (don't judge!) in anotherglucotabs, comb, sanitary product, nail file and a small container for ibuprofen and Neurontin in case my back injury flares up.Another pocket holds ID, medical cards, credit cards, pen, small notebook and phone.The last one - a tiny one! - holds a mask, just in case.While it's likely I'll still use my 'suitcase', as my husband calls it, for a road trip, I will stash my Bagallini in it for regular use.It truly is perfect for use with my electric wheelchair as it's small, lightweight and unobtrusive.The construction and zippers are sturdy so I foresee many years of use.

  • Crazy Cat Lady

    This is a wonderful waist pack and the perfect cheery red color. And this pack is spacious. Unfortunately It was not big enough for my needs, so I sadly returned it.

  • lu

    Just got back from a trip, and this bag was great overall! I bought the plain black bag with the sand-colored interior.PROS: 1) constructed well; 2) lots of useful ZIPPERED pockets, including one interior zippered pocket, so items remain secure and organized; 3) pen loops and credit card slots are convenient; 4) for its small size, it holds a surprising amount of "stuff;" 5) back loops allow you to attach the bag to your belt so no strap is needed (albeit accessing the back pocket might be problematic); 6) sand-colored interior (as opposed to black or a dark color) makes it easy to find things in the bag; 7) choice of crossbody or fanny-pack style adds versatility.CONS: A) When bag is filled, inserting and removing credit cards from the slots is difficult, because the slots are a little too narrow. B) "Grabbing" the bag is not the easiest, since there is NO handle, so you either have to grasp the whole bag, or wrestle a bit with the long, "one-sided" strap. I solved this issue by adding my own handle to the top of the bag, between the two main pockets (see photo); C) Apologies to the company, but I didn't like the shiny, silver-colored logo that shouted "baggallini" on the front of the bag, so I painted it black to be less obvious.WISH LIST: This bag would be "perfect" if it were about an inch wider, so that full-size wallets could fit easily, and the credit card slots could be made a tad wider for easier access. Height and depth of the bag are fine.

  • Marci Brown

    I wanted a small, lightweight crossbody that would hold everything I need for a trip overseas. I ordered several styles of Baggallini because I have always had success with their products. This one was the winner for me. It is small but can hold so much. It has 4 zipper compartments on the front and one on the back. Because the base of the bag is wider, it holds much more that most small bags. It also looks nice! I ordered 3 of this style to choose the design I wanted. I kept this quilted one and love it!

  • Raven

    This bag was well made and good quality. It is cute andstylish. The bag is the perfect size it looks small but fits a ton of stuff in it. My friend said she was suprised how much it fit in it. The strap is adjustable for the length. My friend loves it.

  • Ositogirl

    I like this small bag because the organizational features are useable and the zippers work smoothly. The midnight blossom pattern is ver nice. The bag lies well as a crossbody and expands when you add bulky items. I can keep it with me when at a music rehearsal or put in my larger carry on bag when traveling. I don’t use the card slots but put a small wallet in a pocket. I carry my phone, wallet, some medical supplies, including a rescue inhaler, in this bag. I use the back pocket for Tylenol and so on. This bag will not fit a large wallet, a scarf, a hairbrush or many toiletry items that are bulky. I carry a larger bag for extra items when traveling.

  • Patricia Heath

    This is the perfect small bag for daily use! I love Baggalini bags and own several of them but I wanted something smaller for shopping trips, etc. This fulfils the need EXCEPT in one area! There is no indication on any description, on their website or on the Amazon description that suggests there is RFID protection for bank cards in this bag. That is very disappointing as now I have to use my Baggalini RFIF protected wallet inside this bag to insure my cards are protected. There seems to be some discussion on the question board regarding this topic. I can only assume that because there is no RFID Icon inside the card holder section of the bag or on any description I can find, there is no RFID protection! That is a huge mistake for Baggalini regarding this product. Using my wallet inside this bag takes up a lot of room. The only alternative is to purchase RFID card pockets for the cards which I might do to save the room . Big fail on Baggalini's part! The anti theft qualities of their products is one of the biggest reasons I carry Baggalini bags! Adding the RFID protection to this bag would make this a 5 star review!

  • RM

    I LOVE THIS BAG. I was using another small bag but it couldn't hold everything I wanted to carry. This one with its design with so many sections and being able to increase the depth of my purse/bag is great. A small pocket in front for my keys. A pocket for cosmetics/toiletries, a pocket for my wallet and phone, and a pocket in back for anything I want secured close to me or whatever I need quickly. I went from a backpack type purse to this size, it works for me. I haven't tried it as a fanny pack since I prefer just to do crossbody. Plus I can hold it in my lap easily in a restaurant and not have to hook it on a chair.

  • sharpcheddar

    I never write reviews…..haha i hate that line.But didn't see this metallic pewter color reviewed so i wanted to showcase one we aren't seeing in the photos.had a triple zip I purchased earlier this year and like it so much its perfect size except the blue black leafs pattern. Its not me. I love when things kinda match.So the littlest pattern bugs meWhen I saw this metallic I couldnt resist. Im not a Tomatoa and love shiny things,But I have learned metallics pick up the surrounding colors and blend. Perfect for like any color your wearing.This pewter metallic does not diassapointIt doesn't leap out and say “hi im metallic” but ads un certain flair à la mode!Enough is said about the roominess of this bagThis brand always has an abundance of hidey pockets I have to rummage throughBut it is an acceptable size for all the bag checks at festivals concerts and even held my binoculars for the musical BeetlejuiceWill def hold a collapsible water vessel for filling as well as your necessitiesBonus waist belt and iver shoulder as well as hook to an actual belt.(You have got to check out the funny photo that someone posed who hooked the clips on to the bag belt back straps and say it didnt work)Dont aorry it works wonderfullyNiw I will sell the other blue one as I doubt ill use it and in live with thisIts not as canvas nylon as the others bags feel it like a bonded coat to the nylin that cleans easily looks well bonded really well all clips work fine unlike some other reviewsSturdy zippersMetal zip fob and easily gripEven for gloves.